Careers in Biotech

The biotech industry in Malaysia holds much promise for wealth generation and the improvement of societal well-being.

As the local biotech industry grows and large multinational biotech companies set up operations in Malaysia, career opportunities in biotechnology and the supporting industries are expected to balloon in the coming years.

A common misconception is that the biotech industry will only require biotech scientists to drive its operations.

Though research and development is paramount to pushing back the frontiers of knowledge, commercial biotechnology requires a range of professionals to bring products from the lab to the market.Increasingly, there is a growing demand for engineers and technicians who are sensitive to the needs of bioprocessing and bio-manufacturing.

This is particularly crucial as Malaysia leverages on its reputation as a manufacturing hub to move into biotechnology.

On top of that, as new technologies are acquired and innovations are uncovered, intellectual property consultants and regulatory affairs specialists become instrumental in protecting proprietary technologies and processes.

Ultimately, as Malaysia aspires to build global brands in the biotechnology sphere, well-equipped entrepreneurs and marketing professionals need to be involved in order to apply sustainable business practices while maintaining the drive for technological innovation.

As the industry grows, more and more specialist educators and communicators will be needed to spur interest in the biotech industry among the youth in order to maintain the constant flow of well-equipped human capital into the growing industry.




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