Ministry Grants

MOSTI provides several grants for various stages in the biotechnology value chain. At the moment, there are three grant schemes directly related to biotechnology that is put in place by the Ministry, targeted towards developing commercially valuable innovations. These are the ScienceFund, TechnoFund, InnoFund and NanoFund.

The ScienceFund provides funding for research and development in the applied sciences, focusing on high impact and innovative research that can lead to the innovation of products or processes. The research priority areas cover a range of disciplines including the Life Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Engineering and Social Science. For further details, please visit the ScienceFund webpage.

The TechnoFund is designed to fund technology development by Malaysian technology enterprises. This fund supports development up to pre-commercialization and requires an established Proof-of-Concept. This is well suited for start-up technology companies looking to acquire technology and prepare for commercialization. For more information, please visit the TechnoFund webpage.

The InnoFund is unique in the sense that it is envisioned to fund the innovation of new or existing products. This is a small grant designed to encourage individuals and small companies to find creative solutions and improvements to existing technologies, services or processes. For more information, please visit the InnoFund webpage.


Venture Capitalists/Funding

Malaysia has several financing options available for early stage commercialization and seed funding. These include organizations such as Malaysia Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), the Cradle Fund (Cradle), the Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund (MLSCF), and Malaysia Debt Ventures (MDV).

MTDC was conceived to spearhead the development of technology companies in the early 90s and has evolved into an Integrated Venture Capital Solutions Provider. Their mandate has also been extended to providing Incubation services for the nurturing of Malaysia’s technopreneurs. For more information, please visit the MTDC webpage.

Cradle is an agency under the Ministry of Finance dedicated to providing seed funding and nurturing to raw technology-based ideas in order to turn them into commercially viable ventures. It offers a seed fund of up to RM 500,000 that is only awarded to local, technology companies with sound technology ideas, as well as several value adding services. For more information, please visit the Cradle webpage.

MLSCF is a dedicated life sciences venture fund co-managed by MTDC and Burrill & Co. They focus on investing in either Malaysian biotech ventures with compelling value propositions or international companies with technologies or business plans relevant to Malaysia. For more information, please visit the MLSCF webpage.

MDV generally provides venture financing for early and growth stage companies who are already or will immediately generate revenues. In the biotech sector, MDV provides a range of financing options for biotech ventures based on Islamic principles, as well as additional bank services. For more information, please visit Malaysia Debt Ventures.



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