GM Crops and Halal Workshop Report

Genetically Modified Crops & Halal Workshop held on the second day of the 5th World Halal Forum 2010, sought to begin discussions on the Islamic stance of Genetically Modified Food. At the end of the workshop panelists and participants unanimously agreed to the following statement:


A. Biotech crops and products have undergone intensive food and environment safety tests and are acceptable in the Islamic world as Halal, provided the sources are Halal.

B. Biotechnology awareness building strategies that would encourage and improve public participation in the decision-making process on biotechnology-related issues.

C. Biotechnology awareness and education programs need to be established by private and public sectors to increase biotechnology perception in the country.

D. The role of Islamic scholars (Ulama) in scientific discussions involving the developments of biotechnology, in particular the production of food derived from genetically modified crops must be enhanced.

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